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Bassios Lubricants & Chemicals

Bassios Lubricants & Chemicals was established in 1998 having as its object the importation and distribution of automotive lubricants and chemicals and consumable parts.

Our proprietary facilities are located in Sindos Industrial Area in Thessaloniki, Greece. (Zone A)

Since 1998 and until now, the company is going through a steady upward trend by offering high quality products and services to its associates, which has succeeded in cooperation with leading factories in the U.S. and Europe, and the high level of service and expertise available.

The company more specifically:


Highline Warren products, carrying the fast growing brands MAG1, ACCEL, POLAR.(Automotive lubricants, chemicals, additives)

Power Service USA products (Diesel fuel Additives)

Johnsen's USA products (Fuel additives-Technical Aerosols)

GERMAN ADLER (Automotive lubricants)

Klaxcar France products (wiperblades, auto bulbs, electric parts & components)

Proquisur Spain products (Coolant Fluids)


Synt Italy products (Car care and professional cleaning products)

Armor All USA products (Car care)

Turtlewax USA products (Car care)

Car Freshner USA products (Air freshners)

Borg-Hico products (Tachocharts)

No7 USA products (Car care)

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